Witold Śliwiński

Witold Śliwiński - About me

Witold Śliwiński was born on the 24th of February 1963, in Krosno. He graduated at the State Secondary Art School in Miejsce Piastowe, from the Faculty of Applied Art Forms, as a disciple of the famous sculptor Władysław Kandefer, who in turn, was a former student of the great Ksawery Dunikowski. At this time Witold was a student at the Post-Secondary Photography School in Krosno. He is a member of the Polish Union of Painters and Sculptors of „Polish Applied Art” (Związek Polskich Artystów Plastyków „Polska Sztuka Użytkowa”) in Warsaw.

At the beginning of his artistic career he dealt initially with drawing and graphics and also designed company logos and arrangements along with the preparations for various displays. From then he went on to design and produce artistic and applied works of art in leather.

Since 1996 he has created many works of art in glass, which bear the characteristics of both applied and unique forms. Occasional statuettes and company souvenirs have also been an important part