Witold Śliwiński

Witold Śliwiński - About me

I was born 24th of February 1963 year in Krosno. I am a graduate of the "PLSP" Secondary-School in the Polish town called Miejsce Piastowe in respect of Fine Arts. Władysław Kandefer was my teacher, who in turn was a pupil of a renown Polish artist Xawery Dunikowski. After that I studied at the Photographic Academy in Krosno(South-Eastern Poland).

During the first stages of my work I experimented with Graphic-Art as well as pen and ink drawing. I designed numerous Graphic - Characters for various companies along with arranging their whole Exhibition Areas.

During the next stage of my career I started designing and manufacturing goods from leather in Applied-Art form.

1996 started my fascination with glass as a work of art. Besides utilizing traditional harmonious form in its classical shape I ventured into non-utilitarian decorative patterns which are the general trend in contemporary artistic glass work today.